RObina Dhindsa

Meet Robina - a champion of mental health and founder of The Mastering the Inner World™ self-awareness methodology that is innovating the Learning & Development industry, placing the mental wellbeing of employees at the forefront.

Robina is a veteran Sales Exec in Fortune 500 organizations such as Microsoft and SAS. She is a second generation Indian-Canadian and champion for women and girls in STEM. Robina is an electrical engineer, Dash radio host, advisor within the Montreal start-up community, and devoted yogi, whose life journey includes bold pivots personally and professionally.



Driving Leadership Innovation
During her sales career Robina recognized that most corporate cultures failed to prioritize individual mental health. This inspired her to pioneer the use of inner self-awareness as a core component of effective leadership.

To meet this unmet need, Robina created her proprietary methodology that consists of custom programs and coaching that boosts engagement, increases revenue and improves retention within the world's most progressive organizations.

proprietary methodology

Mastering the Inner World™

Robina is the creator of The Mastering the Inner World™ methodology which helps teams succeed by redefining the way they: